Do Not Just Store Your Wills; Secure Them

Do Not Just Store Your Wills; Secure Them

Do Not Just Store Your Wills; Secure Them Leicestershire

Wills Leicestershire

Kings Court Trust provides a safe, dry and secure will storage facility as part of its service. Keeping in mind those testators invests a lot in their will that not only includes the costs of having it professionally written, but also the effects it may have when a necessity to probate arises Store your Wills.

So, with a motive of safekeeping these important documents and paper works, which may otherwise become lost or be destroyed in fire or flood, Kings Court Trust provides you with the best of their services in securing your invaluable will.

Secure Your Will with Kings Court Trust

Kings Court Trust Store your Wills which are managed by professionals in their different offsite storage centres. These are kept in different places so as to ensure safety which would otherwise be exposed to unnecessary risk if kept in a single storage.

In order to ensure that your Wills are not prone to external risks like fire or flood and any such calamities, they are sent to their chosen storage partner, Restore, who has more than 2.1 million square feet of secure and flood-proof storage space available. It is also to be noted that these storage spaces are located away from city centres, industrial estates, and the water table and, therefore away from the associated risks.

It is alright for one to store his/her Will in a secure facility as we all take care of things that we treasure. We keep our money in banks, jewels or other valuables perhaps in a safe or at the bank; some even keep their passports, share certificates and Premium Bonds with banks. So what is wrong in keeping something like a Will in some safe place as it is something not replaceable? For someone living in Leicestershire, you can contact Wills Leicestershire today to ensure the safe-keeping of your Will.

Lost Will

Well, if you are not aware, you should know that the difference with your Will is that, if it is lost or damaged after death, your estate might be dealt with under the terms of a previous Will you prepared or as if you died even without preparing a will. Such a case happened in the life of Margaret Johnson’s cousin, Susan, who was supposed to be the heir to Margaret’s property.

But after making a number of Wills and destroying them with the preparation of a new one, Margaret would destroy her old one. But it so happened that her last Will could never be found where she supposedly named her property in the name of Susan.

This only meant that it would be understood as intestacy and distributed among her brother and nephew and would leave Susan homeless.

But fortune is something that no one is sure of. There were some boxes that were kept on the loft of the home Susan shared with Margaret for thirty years. While moving these boxes with the help of her friend’s son, Derek, they came across what looked like an old bathroom cabinet and inside it, there was an envelope that contained Margaret’s last Will. And undoubtedly, it contained Susan’s fortune.

Safety Comes First

The story of Susan and Margaret only says that invaluable things like a Will are to be kept in a safe place. But that does not mean that it should be kept in someplace where it is almost impossible to be found.

Professionals in Kings Court Trust assures that your Will is going to be stored in someplace and will be available according to the norms of the time.

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