How & Why to plan your funeral

How & Why You Should Plan Your Funeral Leicestershire

Nobody wishes to think about what would happen when they are done with this life, but to have a plan for the funeral arrangements makes it a difficult time somewhat easier for loved ones they leave behind. There are various advantages of funeral planning and people can get the peace of mind as they know that the family need not find the money to pay for the funeral.

Thinking about the funeral

The chances are that people have already given some cursory thought to how would they want their funeral to be. The type of music that would be played, whether or not that would happen in a church, and other such things.

Funeral plans take this somewhat further as they ensure that the costs of the funeral will be met. As we are aware of the fact that the average funeral costs thousands of pounds, there are also some families that get pushed into debt as a result. So funeral planning is a crucial consideration. There are three different manners to do it.

Kinds of funeral plan

1. Pre-paid funeral plan

A pre-paid funeral plan is exactly what its name suggests: people make their arrangements directly with the help of a funeral director and the payment for it is made in advance. However, this involves a large upfront payment that protects the investment from inflation, but people may not have the funds immediately available for covering it.

2. Over-50s life cover plan

People can take out the insurance cover to pay a monthly premium that they might have referred to as an ‘Over-50s Life Cover Plan’. Such a plan spreads the cost, so people need not make any large upfront payments. Every person is guaranteed acceptance, and people need not supply any kind of medical information.

Being financial investments, over-50s Plans don’t involve any arrangements with a funeral director. It’s must be kept in mind that Over-50s Plans are investment-based. The number of money people ultimately end up with for the funeral depends on the performance of those investments. People also need checking the small print carefully before they sign up.

3. Self-fund

Alternatively, people can also fund their own funeral. They can save the money into a bank account or put it into investments of their own. They can still write down their wishes for the funeral in their will, or write the details to the executor of their will with the desired funeral arrangements. People can contact many Will writing companies for putting their plans on Wills in Leicestershire.

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